The spring meeting of the board of directors meeting for ACBS International was held in Seattle, and included Opening Day, which is an annual extravaganza in this maritime city.

For the 96th Opening Day of Boating Season, hundreds and hundreds of boats, of all shapes, sizes, and decorative themes gather in Portage Bay, and then parade through the Montlake Cut, where Washington State rowers hold events.  The parade continues past an unbelievable number of boats tied side by side along endless log booms, from which much music played, and many cocktails were hoisted in salute to the boaters.

The parade encourages elaborate decorations and themes.  ACBS decided on a theme of Cobs and Robbers — you’ll see the costumes in the pictures below.  It was a gorgeous day, and the Seattle club graciously allowed those of us traveling from out of town to hitch rides and take part in the fun!

Article in the Seattle Times:

Seattle’s Opening Day Boating Tradition: 6 Things You Might Not Know