We had a beautiful day at Robinson Restoration in Fallbrook. Thanks so much to Tim and Brian Robinson, for hosting this year’s Southern California Chapter ACBS Workshop and for sharing your expertise.

The day started with video from our 1999 Workshop, in which master restorer Dave Wright visited us from the past to present his hand staining technique. Here, “hand-staining” is meant literally, as Dave used a rag to apply thinned Interlux stain to a hatch cover, and then used his bare hand to do the final blending!

The original VHS tape was discovered in club archives, and was digitized, edited, and presented by Rob and Maggi Cassell.

The late, great, Dave Wright, in 1999

After watching this Old School staining technique, we moved to the other side of the shop to watch Brian and Tim Robinson apply Jel’d stain to the entire deck of a racing runabout. The modern stain is much easier to work with, and is available from Lake Oswego Boat Co.


Next, Tim Robinson talked about fuel systems, and trouble-shooting common (and uncommon) issues.


Then, it was time for lunch!



After lunch, John Maddox demonstrated polishing a stainless steel cutwater, taking a section from bare welds to mirror finish by using a progression of sand papers and the polishing wheel.

John closed the demonstrations with the constant reminder to check and replace trailer tires every five years, even if they haven’t logged many miles.

The day wound down with several folks participating in a trailer-backing practice session with Maggi Cassell.

Thanks so much to Tim, Brian, and John for sharing your knowledge and experience  —  and thanks to everyone who came out to make this event so much fun!